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Our Core Values

We value our team. We know that doesn't mean much without action behind it, so check out our core values to get some insight into our company culture.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We value the moments we experience outside of work. So when we work, we focus on how we can provide the best experience to create lifelong relationships.

Get the Job Done Right

The relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Assume the Burden

We inconvenience ourselves to provide a 5-star experience to our customers and our team.

Be Intentional

We prioritize relationships and responsibilities, both at work and at home. We are intentional with the way we spend our time to achieve our goals.

Be the Person You Want on Your Team

We are thermostats, self-aware, problem solvers and conscious of how we affect our team.

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Why Randy's?

We know there are plenty of places to hang your hat on, but we'd love for this to be the last place that you ever work.

We value your time away from work.

We work hard, and we play hard. We value our time outside of work so that we can give our best when we are at work.

It's our aim to make you feel as supported as possible.

Our staff is here to empower you to make critical decisions and support you as you carry out our mission to be a blessing.

We value integrity.

We don't want to promise something that we can't deliver. At Randy's we aim to be transparent to both our employees and customers. Our word is our bond.

Work among
the best

Our high standard of quality and frequent trainings makes our staff among the state's best. We don't cut any corners for our customers.

A team that supports you

You aren't alone. We're proud that we have a team of professionals that support each other every step of the way.

We value family time!

We know that quality time happens amongst quantity time. At Randy's we value the time that you spend with the ones you love.

Employees tell all

Why work at Randy's? Hear it from the people that you will be working alongside with.

Career Blog

Thoughts and musings about working at Randy's Electric.

Core Values: Assume the Burden

What does assume the burden mean? And why is it one of our core values?

What Does it Mean to be a Blessing?

It's not a phrase that we throw around lightly—being a blessing is deeply rooted in the fabric of our entire company.

Work Hard/Play Hard at Randy's Electric

What does Work Hard, Play Hard mean at Randy's Electric? We'll get into it in this blog post.

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