May 16, 2022

Core Values: Assume the Burden

What does assume the burden mean? And why is it one of our core values?

When we came up with the core values of Randy's Electric, we wanted them to sound like something like we'd actually say and mean as opposed to fluffy corporate speak. Assume the burden is one of these core values that has deeply ingrained itself in my head. As I am working with customers or fellow Randy's staff members, a lone voice is crying out in my head, "Assume the burden!" So what does "Assume the Burden" mean, and why is it one of our core values?

We've all had a bad contractor experience. I've been on both sides of the coin as a contractor and the person who is soliciting the service of a contractor. Last year I moved from the apartment I had been living at for the better part of ten years. I decided to hire a moving company to help with move some of my heavier furniture. While moving day went well, I had to put a lot of effort into making sure the information was factually correct and had to follow up with service managers multiple times because they dropped the ball. At Randy's Electric, when we assume the burden, we purposefully inconvenience ourselves to provide a 5-star experience to our customers and to our team.

Assume the Burden

What does assuming the burden entail?

  • Over-communication: On the day of service, we don't want there to be any hidden surprises for you—that's why our Customer Service representatives learn as much as possible about your project/issue before our electricians walk through the door. We also give a heads up to our customers when their electrician is on the way.
  • Going above and beyond: "This wasn't in the job description," is not apart of our vernacular here. We will do whatever it takes to get the job done right and we aren't "above" anything. It's always rewarding to see this by evidence of the customers that leave reviews.

"Ben at Randy’s was fantastic. We have been having issues with the circuit tripping frequently in our kitchen. Ben was so helpful and professional. He found the issue and repaired it. It was a builders flaw. Ben went above and beyond and helped my husband move heavy items around in our kitchen to get to all of the outlets. We definitely will be having Ben back to do some more work that we’ve been wanting to get done. Thank you Ben and thank you Randy’s for blessing us with such a great electrician." -Catherine N

This also extends to our staff. Randy's electric employees consistently go out of their way to make sure their own are taken care of. From arranging a diaper drive for new parents, to bringing soup to a sick coworker—all of this is unprompted because it is the core of who we are.

Assume the burden will forever be stuck in my memory now. It has changed the way I think as a Randy's employee, a coworker and a spouse.

Whether you are looking for "journeyman electrician jobs near me," or becoming a part of our wonderful office staff, we'd love for you to apply and experience the difference.

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Core Values: Assume the Burden

What does assume the burden mean? And why is it one of our core values?

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